'Detective Pikachu Returns' lands on Switch October 6th

Everyone's favorite fluffy yellow investigator comes back this year.


Detective Pikachu Returns is due to hit Nintendo Switch on October 6th, 2023, and it's available to wishlist today. Nintendo announced a new entry in the franchise back in 2019, hot on the heels of the Detective Pikachu movie, which was an overall, adorable success.

Detective Pikachu, the original game, came out worldwide in 2018. It gave Pikachu a new friend and a voice, transforming him into a gruff private investigator and infusing the game with Ace Attorney vibes. It's more of a narrative adventure than traditional Pokémon games — which makes sense, considering the film that followed.

The new installment reunites Pikachu with his pal Tim Goodman, and as the debut trailer shows, hijinks ensue. Regardless of the game's plot, it's always a treat to see Pikachu in a little hat, holding a cup of coffee and contemplating life's mysteries.

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