'Detective Pikachu Returns' trailer shows the coffee-drinking Pokémon in action

Meanwhile, 'Pokémon TCG' and 'Pokémon Stadium 2' just landed on Nintendo Switch Online.


The Pokémon Company had a bunch of updates to share during its latest Pokémon Presents stream. For one thing, it shared a new trailer for Detective Pikachu Returns, a long-awaited sequel that's coming to Nintendo Switch on October 6th.

For the uninitiated, Detective Pikachu Returns recasts the franchise's mascot as a hard-boiled, tough-talking detective. Detective Pikachu and his current partner Tim Goodman (who can actually understand Pikachu) get to the bottom of a string of unusual incidents with the help of some other Pokémon and humans, who live side-by-side in Ryme City. In between, Pikachu is drinking coffee or trying to find out just what happened to his missing partner, Harry (Tim's dad).

The cute trailer offers a look at some gameplay. You'll need to get your thinking cap on as you look for clues and use a casebook to solve cases. Other Pokémon will help you out by sniffing out clues or punching through walls. If the latest clip has you excited to play the game, you may be pleased to learn that pre-orders for Detective Pikachu Returns are now open.

Elsewhere, The Pokémon Company revealed that the first half of Pokémon Scarlet and Violet’s major paid expansion will arrive on September 13th. In "The Teal Mask," you'll go on a school trip to the land of Kitakami and meet Pokémon that aren't available in the Paldea region. The second half of the DLC, titled "The Indigo Disk," is slated to arrive this winter.

On top of that, Mew and Mewtwo are coming to Scarlet and Violet as part of an event. You'll be able to add Mew to your team and battle the formidable Mewtwo.

Meanwhile, a couple more Pokémon games are now available on Nintendo Switch Online. Those with the base membership can now play Pokémon Trading Card Game, which hit Game Boy Color back in 2000. If you're a Nintoendo switch Online + Expansion Pack member, you should also now have access to Pokémon Stadium 2 from the Nintendo 64.