Devolver Digital will host a not-E3 games showcase on June 9th

The offbeat publisher will announce at least four titles.

Devolver Digital

Did you think there couldn't possibly be space for another gaming event in the next couple of weeks? Guess again. Devolver Digital has added its summer showcase to the calendar. You'll be able to catch the Devolver Direct on Twitch on June 9th at 6PM ET. If the slightly NSFW trailer is anything to judge by, expect a typically off-the-wall stream from Devolver.

This time around, the gist is that the publisher's event takes place during a 30-minute countdown before one of the big summer showcases, when the audience is at its most hyped. As it happens, the Devolver Direct will take place in the hours after one of the larger events happening this month, the Summer Game Fest showcase.

Devolver Direct will be hosted by a "mecha" version of Japanese developer Goichi Suda (aka Suda51), who is best known for the No More Heroes series. Expect at least four announcements of new games. Here's hoping for a look at Return to Monkey Island too.