'The DioField Chronicle' is a new strategy RPG that looks like 'Final Fantasy Tactics'

It will be released later this year on PlayStation 5 and PS4.

DioField Chronicle (Square Enix)

In 1997, Square Enix released one of the finest games of the original PlayStation era in Final Fantasy Tactics. Outside of a handful of remasters and spinoffs, however, the company has been reluctant to return to the genre in a meaningful way. And while we may never get a proper sequel to Tactics, the good news is Square Enix is working on a new tactical RPG.

During Sony's most recent State of Play on Wednesday, the publisher announced The DioField Chronicle. And if what you loved about Final Fantasy Tactics was its sprawling story and iconic art by Akihiko Yoshida, you're in luck because DioField looks to have both on offer. You'll lead the forces of the Kingdom of Alletain, a neutral island nation that gets dragged into a conflict with the sinister Trovelt-Schoevian Empire. Instead of a turn-based battle system, engagements play out in real-time and it appears you can control more than one character at a time.

Square plans to release The DioField Chronicle later this year on PlayStation 4 and PS5.