Detective RPG 'Disco Elysium' will now run on decade-old PCs

Its developer optimized the game to drop its minimum specs 'down to Mariana Trench levels.'


Disco Elysium developer ZA/UM has rolled out a Working Class update that allows the detective RPG to run even on a laptop you haven’t touched in years. In its announcement, the company said it wants the game to run on as many machines as possible, “[n]o matter how old or low-tech” they may be. To make that happen, the team optimized Disco Elysium to drop its minimum specs “down to Mariana Trench levels.”

The game’s new minimum specs for Windows machines are: Windows 7, DirectX 11 compatible video card (integrated or dedicated with minimum memory of 512MB), 2GB of RAM, Intel Core 2 Duo and 20GB hard disk space. As PC Gamer notes, the game used to require an Intel i5-7500/AMD 1500 (or equivalent) processor, 4GB of RAM and an integrated Intel HD620 (or equivalent) graphics card.

Mac users can also bust out their 10-year-old laptops to play the game. It will now run on MacBook Pros from mid 2009, MacBook Airs from mid 2012, iMacs from late 2009, Mac Pros from late 2008 and Mac minis from 2009. ZA/UM says these were the oldest machines they tested on and can’t guarantee that the game will run on all devices that meet the specs. It promises to keep optimizing the game, though, giving machines with even lower specs the power to play it.