Discord adds stickers to liven up chats

They'll often cost money.


You’d think Discord would have hopped on the sticker bandwagon ages ago given its sheer amount of customization, but it’s only now joining the party. The chat service is starting to roll out stickers to add an animated flair to your responses. They’ll be very familiar if you’re used to peppering your conversations with stickers, but that likely won’t be an issue if you’ve been hoping for something livelier than the usual emotes.

Not surprisingly, Discord hopes to make money from this — although you might not pay as much as you expect. All Nitro and Nitro Classic subscribers will get a free permanent sticker pack (“What’s Up Wumpus”), a subscriber-only pack, and a 33 percent discount on purchases.

Just don’t expect to see stickers right away, depending on where you live. Discord is initially making them available only to Canadian users on computers and Apple devices (Android is “coming soon”), and hasn’t yet outlined launches in the US and other countries. Sticker packs tend to cost $2 or $3 (about $1.50 to $2.25 US). When they do arrive, though, they might be just what you need to offer a lively retort when plain chat simply isn’t enough.