Discord finally adds threaded messaging

Community channels can enable the feature starting today.


When Discord announced its Stage Discovery feature in May, it said at the same time it was working on adding threaded conversations. A few months later, that feature is now available across the platform’s desktop, web and mobile apps.

Discord threads GIF

You can convert a message into a thread by tapping on the “#” button that appears when you hover your mouse over something someone said. Alternatively, you can start one from scratch by tapping the “+” icon in the chat bar and then selecting the “Create Thread” option. Either way, you can see all the threads you’re currently taking part in on the sidebar. When you open a thread from a chat channel log, it will appear in another side panel to the right of the interface so you can follow both conversations at the same time. By default, threads will automatically archive after 24 hours. The idea behind the time limit is to keep channels clutter-free, according to Discord.

If you’re on a server people with Nitro subscriptions have boosted to level two, you’ll also have the option to take part in private threads. These won’t appear in a server’s channel listing, and the only way to take part in one is if someone invites you to the conversation. Boosted channels can also make it so that threads archive up to one week after they’re started, instead of 24 hours after the fact. With the introduction of threads, Discord is also adding new permissions. Channel owners can decide who can take part in both public and private threads and manage them as needed.

Discord is starting the rollout of threads today. Community servers can enable the feature early. On August 17th, however, the company plans to enable threads across all servers.