Pixar's next movie 'Soul' is heading straight to Disney+ on Christmas

Disney+ will premiere another new movie soon, but 'Soul' won't cost $30 extra like 'Mulan.'

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Disney / Pixar

With COVID-19 numbers rising in many areas, movie theaters are still not easy for families to visit. As a result, Disney is changing plans on another movie release, and will exclusively premiere Pixar’s Soul on Disney+ December 25th. This move follows Artemis Fowl in June, and the $30 “premier access” VOD release of Mulan more recently.

In a statement, Disney said “Over the last six months, marketplace conditions created by the ongoing pandemic, while difficult in so many ways, have also provided an opportunity for innovation in approaches to content distribution. With over 60 million subscribers within the first year of launch, the Disney+ platform is an ideal destination for families and fans to enjoy a marquee Pixar film in their own homes like never before.”

Disney didn’t provide any updates on the release of Mulan, but noted that in areas where Disney+ “isn’t currently or soon to be available” Soul will still see a theatrical release, eventually. On Monday, Mulan became available in 4K for $30 via the usual video on-demand outlets, without any strings connecting it to your Disney+ subscription.

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