Disney World will put your holographic face on a Tron action figure for $90

Although you’ll have to visit Florida to get one.


Disney is pushing out new Tron merchandise despite the 13 years since the last movie (not to mention the four decades since the original). Although another sequel — this one with Jared Leto — may be in the works, the toys coincide with the Disney World opening of Tron Lightcycle / Run, the high-speed ride that debuted at Shanghai Disneyland in 2016. The action figures are customized using the park’s Tron Identity Program to display your scanned face on an LCD hidden behind the figure’s visor.

The Tron Identity Program will digitize visitors’ facial features, including six lines of recorded dialogue. The LCD on the resulting figure will show your scanned face, and pressing a button on the chest will play back your recorded lines. Your custom identity is stored on a memory card that you can swap into other Tron toys that Disney hopes you’ll buy.

Custom action figures are about as old as modern 3D printing, but the holographic approach has the advantage of much quicker turnaround times. Since it doesn’t require plastic molding, Disney World visitors can have their toy in hand in around 16 minutes. By comparison, Hasbro’s Selfie Series can take 45 to 60 days to ship to you, although you don’t have to visit Florida to get one of those.

If you have a Disney World trip planned, you can reserve a time with the Tron Identity Program beginning on March 21st. A custom figure will cost $90, which is $30 more than Hasbro’s (non-LCD, non-Florida) custom figures.