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Hasbro will 3D-print your face onto its iconic action figures

Ever wanted to be a Ghostbuster, Power Ranger or GI Joe?

Hasbro / Formlabs

Have you ever wanted to see your own face on the body of a Power Ranger or a Ghostbuster? Thanks to an ingenious partnership between Hasbro and 3D-printing specialists Formlabs, now you can. The Hasbro Selfie Series will let would-be heroes take a scan of their face with their phone and have a custom-made, look-a-like action figure delivered at some point afterward. In this initial blast, you can opt to become an X-Wing Pilot, Ghostbuster, Power Ranger or Snake Eyes from GI Joe, amongst others.

It’s part of Formlabs’ growing project to turn 3D printing into a technological cul-de-sac into a viable way of making customized, mass-market products. The company has already teamed up with Sennheiser to make 3D-printed earbuds, and has branched out into making jewelry moulds, ventilator parts and false teeth. It also teamed up with Gillette to create customized razor handles which were manufactured using Formlabs’ industrial printers.

Hasbro's Brian Chapman explained that, a few years ago, the company ran a competition at a comic-con to make custom action figures for five winners. They found the interest in the promo was so enormous that the company has always had an eye on developments in the 3D printing market.

Unfortunately, while it's been announced today, the Hasbro Selfie Series won't actually let you start scanning your head for a little while. In order to start, you'll need to download Hasbro Pulse, the company's dedicated mobile app, and get your face ready to be immortalized. Scans will open up closer to the expected ship date in the Fall, after which point you'll be asked to pony up $60 (plus taxes) and wait for your six-inch, "collector-grade" figure to arrive. Unfortunately, for now, the offering is only available to customers in the US, but hopefully over time, we'll see this make its way across the world.