Meta restores Trump's Facebook and Instagram accounts

He has yet to post on the platforms after the company lifted a two-year ban.

Shannon Stapleton / reuters

As promised, Meta has restored former president Donald Trump's Facebook and Instagram accounts, two years after it suspended him from both platforms. The company previously said it would apply extra "guardrails" to his accounts to "deter repeat offenses."

Meta, like Twitter and other services, kicked Trump off of its platforms in January 2021 after he praised those participating in the Capitol Hill insurrection. The company initially locked the accounts for 24 hours over two policy violations before it suspended him indefinitely. Meta's Oversight Board was among those who criticized the handling of the ban.

The company later said Trump's accounts would remain suspended for two years, after which it would reassess things. In late January, it emerged that Trump would soon regain access to the platforms, not long after it was reported that he had pushed Meta to restore his accounts.

By 2:30PM ET, Trump, who is running for the White House for a third time, had not posted anything on either platform. He has an agreement with his "free speech" app Truth Social, whereby he has to share social media posts there first and can't plop them anywhere else for at least six hours. Twitter restored Trump's account on its service late last year, but he hasn't returned to what was once his favored social media platform either. Maybe he's still too butthurt about that one thing Chrissy Teigen wrote about him.