The next 'Don't Starve' game is a mobile title from Tencent

'Newhome' includes persistent homes and co-op play.

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'Don't Starve: Newhome'
Shengqu Games/Tencent Games

At long last, there’s a new Don’t Starve game... although it might not entirely be what you were expecting. Shengqu Games and Tencent (no, Klei’s not involved) have unveiled Don’t Starve: Newhome, a mobile-only version of the survival experience for Android and iOS. It includes the familiar crafting, exploration and Tim Burton-like art style, but throws in major wrinkles like persistent homes — you won’t always camp in the wilderness. You can also expect co-op modes, a new story mode and “ongoing live support” to keep the experience fresh.

You can visit the game’s website (linked above) to sign up for an invitation to a closed beta test beginning in July. There’s no guarantee this will capture everything you’ve liked about Don’t Starve, but it’s not surprising that Klei would entrust Tencent with carrying on its legacy. Klei’s other games have been wildly popular on Tencent’s Chinese platform — it’s undoubtedly hoping for more of the same.

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