'Doom 3' gets a second life on PlayStation VR

In case you miss 2004-era jump scares.

id Software/Bethesda

Are you nostalgic for Doom 3? Not particularly? Well, it doesn't matter — Bethesda and id Software are taking you down memory lane regardless. They're releasing Doom 3 VR Edition for PlayStation VR users on March 29th. The new version incorporates all the horror-tinged shooting from 2004, but modernizes it with VR-friendly health indicators, refreshed textures, updated sounds and the radical ability to use both a flashlight and a gun at the same time.

The VR upgrade also includes the Resurrection of Evil and The Lost Mission expansions.

This isn't the first Doom 3 VR port. Team Beef released an unofficial Oculus Quest version just weeks earlier. It's safe to say there's more polish with the PSVR game, although you also lose the untethered gameplay that comes with playing on a Quest headset.

It might seem like an odd choice for a VR conversion. Doom 3 garnered a lot of attention on release, but its main selling point was its novel real-time lighting technology. While it was enjoyable, critics at the time weren't fans of the slow pace and a reliance on jump scares. If you're expecting the relentless run-and-gun action of early Doom games or newer titles like Doom Eternal, you won't get it. Of course, that pacing might also make it better for VR —you might not feel as nauseous as you would running full speed through demon-infested halls.