The next Dragon Age game is called 'Dreadwolf'

You'll hear more about it later in 2022.


BioWare has finally shared more than the briefest of teases for its next Dragon Age game. The studio has revealed that the future title will be named Dragon Age: Dreadwolf, and that it will revolve around its enigmatic namesake character. The Dread Wolf, also known as Solas, is rumored to be an ancient elven god and could be a traitor, a hero for his people or something in between.

More details for Dreadwolf are coming later in the year, BioWare added. The company still hasn't committed to a release date, but it emphasized that the new Dragon Age game wouldn't arrive in 2022.

Word of the new Dragon Age first emerged in December 2020, but little has been mentioned since. There may have been a sharp change in direction, however. Reports emerged that BioWare and EA scrapped plans to make Dreadwolf a Destiny 2-style "live service" game in favor of a more conventional single-player experience. If so, this isn't shocking — BioWare's online-only Anthem floundered, while Respawn's multiplayer-free Star Wars Jedi: Fallen Order was a hit that prompted a sequel. The long development time might be necessary to rework the game and deliver the follow-up series fans are expecting.