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Dropbox's family plan offers a shared 2TB for $17 per month

It gives up to six people access to Plus account perks.

Maskot via Getty Images

Dropbox is giving families and groups of friends the option to team up and get Plus perks for less than the price of two accounts. The service’s Family plan is now available for $17 a month and gives up to six users access to one interface and all the features a Plus account offers. Dropbox has been beta testing Family plan over the past few months with the promise of a wider rollout sometime this year. In its announcement, the company said the option can help “people living, working and schooling from home” declutter their “digital lives.”

Plan members get access to a shared folder called Family Room, where they can see and open each other files such as recipes or photos, but they still get separate accounts and folders for their personal stuff. That said, Family plan comes with a 2TB shared storage allowance for all users, so it’s probably not the best option for those with a massive amount of files to save and back up.

The plan also comes with access to Dropbox Passwords, a password manager plan members can use to store log-in details across Windows, Mac, iOS and Android devices. If members need to store sensitive files such as bank statements or birth certificates, they can take advantage of another perk: access to the Vault. Files stored in the Vault are protected by a PIN and encryption during upload, download and storage, and a user can choose to give one family member access to it in case of an emergency.

Members can also use their accounts to back up their computer directly into their Dropbox folders, as well as automatically upload photos from a mobile device. They can upload photos by connecting a camera or a memory card to a computer installed with Dropbox, as well, or transfer their photos and videos directly from Facebook.

Here’s a look at the Dropbox Family interface and Family Room: