Drop's refreshed CTRL, ALT and SHIFT keyboards offer improved stabilization and LED patterns

Barebones and fully assembled versions are available.


If you've been thinking about getting a new keyboard for yourself, there are some fresh options on the market to consider. Drop is launching updated editions of its CTRL, ALT and SHIFT models. New features for the V2 keyboards include plate-mounted Drop Phantom Stabilizers, more LED customization and 50 new LED patterns. The new keyboards also have additional layers of foam, including Poron top and bottom case foam and IXPE switch foam. Plus, the SHIFT V2 comes with a new black colorway.

The aircraft-grade aluminum of Drop's original keyboards remains alongside the upgrades. "The new and improved CTRL, ALT, and SHIFT V2 keyboards represent a leap forward in design, performance, and functionality while preserving the cherished qualities that made their predecessors beloved by our community," Drop CEO Jef Holove said in a statement. "With the addition of highly requested features such as stabilizer upgrades, new switch options, and enhanced RGB LED capabilities, we offer the community an upgraded and unparalleled typing experience that will make them fall in love with these reinvented, classic keyboards all over again."

The news follows Corsair's recent acquisition of Drop for an undisclosed amount. In the July announcement, Holove said that Drop would still work together with "community favorites" while providing products to a larger audience at a quicker speed.

Drop's V2 CTRL, ALT and SHIFT keyboards are available as barebones or fully assembled models. You can get the scaled-down versions for between $140 to $190 and the completed keyboards for $180 to $250. The company is also releasing the PCBA + foam kit and Phantom Stabilizers as add-ons — starting at $105 — if you already own a Drop keyboard but want to upgrade it a bit.