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DTS:X for home theater comes to Xbox One

It's now available on the Xbox Insider program.
DTS Sound application on computer desktop
Steve Dent
Steve Dent|@stevetdent|September 17, 2020 4:29 AM

After releasing its Sound Unbound spatial audio for headphones on Xbox One, DTS is doing the same for home theater systems. The company has just released its Sound Unbound DTS:X home theater support on Xbox One to Xbox Insiders, following testing on the Alpha Ring. That means it should eventually come to all Xbox One users, offering surround sound on home theater systems for both gaming and movies. DTS said that compatibility is also planned for the Xbox Series X when it launches.

As you likely know, DTS:X is a rival to Dolby Atmos, offering an object-based approach to surround sound. As such, sounds are related to game elements, so you might hear enemies coming before you see them. Audio is transmitted from an Xbox One Blu-ray player or supported games to any HDMI-compatible AV receiver with built-in DTS:X decoding. DTS also offers a version for headphones called Headphone:X.

Using DTS Headphone:X on Xbox One currently costs $20, as you have to purchase the DTS Sound Unbound app. That’s likely to be the case when DTS:X launches widely, but the beta version of Sound Unbound for DTS:X will be free for Insiders. If you’re in the program, you should be able to grab it now.

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DTS:X for home theater comes to Xbox One