DuckDuckGo unveils a $10 Privacy Pro plan with a no-log VPN

You'll also get personal information removal and identity theft restoration services.


Many web browser companies offer VPNs these days, including Google, Mozilla and Opera. DuckDuckGo is the latest to join the fray, with a Privacy Pro plan that includes three services. Along with a VPN, you'll get personal information removal and identity theft restoration services for $10 per month or $100 per year. The subscription is only available in the US for now. The Privacy Pro features are built directly into the DuckDuckGo browser, so you won't need to install separate apps.

DuckDuckGo says it won't keep VPN logs in order to help maintain user privacy. As such, it says it has "no way to tie what you do while connected to the DuckDuckGo VPN to you as an individual — or to anything else you do on DuckDuckGo, like searching." DuckDuckGo is using the open-source WireGuard protocol to encrypt your traffic and route it through VPN servers. As it stands, the company has VPN servers across the US, Europe and Canada. It plans to add more over time.

Screenshot of DuckDuckGo's VPN feature.

One subscription will cover up to five desktop and mobile devices. Rather than using an account, you'll have a random ID that you'll need to keep safe. If you wish, you can add an email address for easier authorization across devices. Still, you won't need to hand over any personally identifiable information to DuckDuckGo — the company is using Stripe, Google Play and the Apple App Store to handle payments.

DuckDuckGo's focus on protecting user privacy extends to the personal information removal tool, which removes details such as your full name, home address and birthday from people search sites and data broker services. The details you provide during the setup process stay on your device and requests to remove your personal information start directly from your desktop (for now, you need a Windows or Mac computer to set up and manage the personal information removal tool).

DuckDuckGo says this is a first for a service of its ilk, as your details aren't stored on remote servers. To help it build the tool, DuckDuckGo bought data removal service Removaly in 2022. The personal information removal service will regularly re-scan people search sites and data brokers to see if your info pops up again, and deal with it accordingly.

As for the identity theft restoration service, DuckDuckGo will connect you with an advisor from Iris, its partner, if your identity is stolen. The advisor will help with restoring any stolen accounts and financial losses, as well as fixing your credit report. Moreover, they can help you cancel and replace important documents such as your driver’s license, bank cards and passport. Iris can also provide you with a cash advance if you're far from home and stuck due to identity theft.

Again, you won't have to provide any of your personal information up front. You'll only need to provide an advisor with those details if you need help after having your identity stolen.

Expanding privacy protections through these services is a logical way for DuckDuckGo to try and boost its bottom line. Privacy Pro seems reasonably priced compared to some of the alternatives too — Mozilla's personal information removal service alone costs $9 per month.