Eero 6 mesh WiFi systems drop back down to record-low prices

You can pick up an Eero 6 router for only $71.

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Eero 6 WiFi router
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Those looking to upgrade their home WiFi can often do so by investing in a more capable router. Now, you can pick up Amazon's Eero 6 mesh WiFi system at some of the best prices we've seen. A single Eero 6 router costs $71 at the moment, which is 20 percent off and the cheapest we've seen it. A pack with one router and two extenders will set you back $159, while a bundle of three Eero 6 routers is down to $199.

Buy Eero 6 router at Amazon - $71 Buy Eero 6 (router + 2 extenders) at Amazon - $159 Buy Eero 6 (3 routers) at Amazon - $199

As the name suggests, this system supports WiFi 6 and one Eero 6 router will cover up to 1,500 square feet. That's enough to cover a decently sized apartment, and you can spring for one of the multipacks if you live in a larger home. The dual-band system supports speeds up to 900Mbps and more than 75 connected devices. If you absolutely must have a Gigabit-capable router, you'll have to opt for the more expensive Eero Pro 6 system instead.

You'll also get a built-in Zigbee smart home hub with the Eero 6 system, which means you can skip buying a dedicated hub and connect IoT devices like smart lights, plus, locks and more directly to the router. You'll be able to more easily control the smart home devices you already have (especially the ones that support Alexa voice commands) and it'll be much easier for those who don't have a smart home ecosystem yet to build theirs from scratch thanks to the built-in home hub.

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