Elgato's new pedal gives streamers hands-free control over their apps

There's also a Discord plugin to control chat with your devices.


If you're a streamer, you can't always reach for your keyboard (or a control deck) to activate a scene or effect. Thankfully, you might not have to. Elgato has released a Stream Deck Pedal that provides three customizable foot pedals to steer your apps and other broadcasting tools hands-free. You can manage Twitch or YouTube, change cameras, start an OBS transition or otherwise control your stream in a stealthy manner.

You can set app-specific profiles if you're routinely juggling multiple tools, and plugins control everything from Hue lights to Spotify and Twitter. There's adjustable pedal pressure, too, if you prefer a delicate tap or a firm stomp. And Elgato is keen to point out the use for offline creative work thanks to definable hotkey actions for software like audiovisual editing suites.

Accordingly, Elgato has introduced a Discord plugin for Stream Deck devices. You can use any of the Corsair brand's peripherals to change channels (including to voice), use push-to-talk, mute your mic or otherwise navigate a server.

The Stream Deck Pedal sells for $115. That's potentially a steep price if you're a new or part-time streamer, but it could be justifiable if you're either building a full-time career or just want to add some polish that brings in extra viewers. This could also be particularly helpful if you're a musician, VR gamer or other specialty streamer — you don't have reach for your PC (and interrupt your flow) just to perform a simple task.