Elvie discounts its smart breast pumps by 15 percent for Black Friday

Nursing moms can get a good deal on wireless pumps from Elvie or Willow.


In addition to smart baby-monitoring wearables, new parents have the chance to save money on another new type of tech -- smart breast pumps. Elvie is currently offering 15 percent off its pumps on Amazon for Black Friday. Both the single-pump set and the dual pump are discounted, bringing them down to $237 and $424, respectively. Most of the pump accessories, like storage bottles and breast shields, are also 15 percent off as well.

Buy Elvie at Amazon - $424

Buy Willow at Buy Buy Baby - $399

Of all the things to go “smart,” the upgrade to wireless, the Bluetooth-connected breast pumps has been one of the most unexpected -- and yet most necessary. Elvie is such a system: the pump, battery and container all fit into an egg-shaped wearable that allows the pumping mom to walk around unhindered by wires or tethered to an outlet. This buys back a lot of time, which along with sleep, is one of the things new parents need the most of.

In our review, we found the Elvie pump comfortable to wear and overall easy to operate. The batteries lasted a good amount of time before needing a charge, the pieces weren’t a pain to clean and it was very quiet when in operation. However, it didn’t always function smoothly -- occasionally an error resulted in no or little milk collection and the app was a bit finicky. Still, it was well worth the quirks to be able to pump while washing bottles, or soothing babies, or doing laundry.

A competing pump, the Willow, is also currently discounted $100 on Buy Buy Baby bringing it down to $399 for a dual pump kit. The Willow system is spill-proof and works with either reusable containers or disposable bags. It also features a “flip to finish” technology that helps save more collected milk, but is both larger and louder than the Elvie.

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