Endlesss Clubs is like a Discord server for making music

You can test it out for yourself now.


Producing music with friends and colleagues from afar can be tricky but, hopefully, it's about to get a bit smoother. Endlesss, a remote music creation platform, is rolling out a feature called Clubs that could make it easier to share and blend ideas. The new tool is reminiscent of Discord — something Endlesss (yes, with a triple s) outright states in its promotion.

Endlesss Clubs are live chat channels where members can add riffs, make comments, combine parts and share files. Just like Discord, members can belong to multiple Clubs, and each has different channels, depending on what people want to create.

The company first announced the upcoming release of Endlesss Clubs back in August. "Music-makers all have to compete for attention on the same distribution platforms. This results in bad outcomes for everyone but the very best," Tim Exile, founder and CEO of Endlesss, said at the time. "We're excited to provide community-owned places for music-makers of all levels to go deep with their people."

Endlesss debuted at the start of the COVID-19 pandemic, allowing musicians to connect remotely. It was initially available only as an iOS app before launching Endlesss Studio for desktop at the end of 2020. There were some kinks when we first tested it, many of which seem to have been straightened out in the years since.

Anyone can test out Endlesss for free or get unlimited sample packs, sample presets, VST/AU plugin presets and high quality audio for $10 per month. Endlesss Clubs are now available for members to join and play around in.