Engadget Podcast: Diving into the Pixel 6a and Netflix's latest mess

We explain why the Pixel 6a is the best Android phone under $500.

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Is the Pixel 6a the best Android phone under $500? Tune in for Cherlynn’s review! This week, Devindra and Cherlynn also discuss why losing almost a million subscribers was actually a good thing fo Netflix. And they dive into Qualcomm’s latest hardware for smartwatches, as well as the latest updates from Twitter’s ongoing fight with Elon Musk.

Engadget · Pixel 6a review and the state of Netflix

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Cherlon Musk

Say hello to "Cherlon Musk." (Listen to the Musk/Twitter discussion for contex

(via Mark Dell)
  • The Pixel 6a is the best midrange Android phone on the market now – 1:53

  • Netflix lost a million subscribers, and that’s a good thing? – 17:11

  • Delaware judge allows faster trial for Twitter v. Elon Musk – 29:56

  • Samsung’s Galaxy Unpacked is happening on August 10 – 32:42

  • Leaked files show that Uber was shady from early in its life – 37:41

  • Qualcomm unveils wearable-focused Snapdragon W5 chips – 42:21

  • Alienware’s m17 R5 gaming laptop is a beast that few people need – 46:25

  • The new Instagram Map is like Google Maps, but with more selfies – 48:16

  • OnePlus 10T launch set for August 3 – 52:19

  • Working on – 53:06

  • Pop culture picks – 58:01


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