Engadget Podcast: Virtual Sundance, Bezos leaves Amazon and the Apple Car

Turns out, VR cocktail parties are just as awkward as the real thing.


We didn’t have to travel to Utah to drown ourselves in content from the Sundance Film Festival. This week, Devindra and Engadget’s Managing Editor, Terrence O’Brien, chat about all of the wild movies, VR experiences and new media projects they saw at the show. We discuss Rodney Ascher’s dive into simulation theory, A Glitch in the Matrix; the meditative tech documentary Users; and our experiences exploring VR parties. Also, we chat about Jeff Bezos’ plan to step down as Amazon’s CEO (and why it’s terrifying that he has more time to become a supervillain), and the Apple Car rumors are finally starting to sound realistic.

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Engadget · Virtual Sundance, Bezos leaves Amazon and the Kia Apple Car



  • Sundance 2021: Now in VR – 1:30

    • Users, A Glitch in the Matrix, and more – 8:42

  • VR experiences at Sundance: Tinker and 4 Feet High – 25:21

  • Worst and Weirdest at Sundance – 31:30

  • Other News

    • Bezos to step down as Amazon CEO – 43:36

    • New details on the long rumored Apple Car – 48:25

    • Google closes Stadia game studios – 51:14

  • Working On – 55:57


Video livestream

Hosts: Devindra Hardawar and Terrence O’Brien
Producer: Ben Ellman
Music: Dale North and Terrence O'Brien

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