Epic Games is acquiring music marketplace Bandcamp

The two want to create an open platform for creators.

Epic Games

Epic Games is continuing its habit of buying creator-friendly companies. The Fortnite developer has announced plans to acquire the online music platform Bandcamp. The move will help Epic build a "creator marketplace ecosystem" based on "fair and open" platforms, according to the companies. Bandcamp will still run its standalone store and community, and co-founder Ethan Diamond will continue to lead its operations.

The two didn't say how much the deal was worth or when they expected to finalize the arrangement. Bandcamp has grown over the years and has paid musicians close to $1 billion so far, Diamond said.

The move follows a string of creativity-related acquisitions at Epic, including ArtStation, Cubic Motion and Sketchfab. While a music platform is an unusual purchase, it reflects Epic's evolution from a purely game-oriented company to one that produces visual effects tools for shows like The Mandalorian and turns games into creative platforms. While Bandcamp's exact role at Epic isn't known, it could easily help artists in various mediums profit from their work.