Every Polestar 2 is being recalled over a power-killing software glitch

Affected vehicles will require a software update and new inverters.

The Polestar 2 is experiencing its first round of growing pains. On Thursday, the Volvo-Geely subsidiary announced that was recalling its recently released EV sport coupe fleet to correct a pair of potential safety issues.

The first issue involves a software glitch that can cause the vehicle to suddenly lose power while driving, though to date, no one has been injured when the glitches have occurred. "We issued a voluntary safety recall for Polestar 2 after we investigated, verified, and developed a solution for an issue reported by a small number of customers,” Polestar reps told Car and Driver. “A fault in the logic of the Battery Energy Control Module requires a manual software update to be rectified. A total of 2189 potentially affected registered customer vehicles in Europe and China are being recalled."

The second recall will involve "the replacement of faulty inverters on most delivered customer vehicles," Polestar wrote in a press statement. Both issues can be handled in a single trip to a Polestar service center and only affect owners in Europe and Asia, as North American deliveries have yet to begin.