Facebook users in the US can create custom avatars starting today

The feature is already available in Europe, Canada and other countries.


Facebook avatars are finally available in the US. Starting today, users can design digital recreations of themselves, and post them in comments and Messenger chats. These caricatures are similar to Snap’s BitMoji app, but have their own distinct look. The US rollout of Facebook Avatars -- which comes nearly a year after the initial launch -- coincides with the release of new clothing, hair and skin tone options.

To design an Avatar, Facebook or Messenger users can find the new “Make Your Avatar” option within the stickers menu in the comment composer. While avatars currently can only be used in comments, chat and Facebook Gaming profiles, the company says that text posts will eventually support the simulacra.

The wider rollout of Facebook Avatars indicates that the company is at least somewhat serious about matching the offerings of Snap and Apple, which released its own take on custom emojis -- called MeMoji -- in 2018. Given the ubiquity of Snap’s BitMojis, Facebook’s Avatars could catch on. Hopefully users will be able to post them in more situations shortly.