Facebook's Infinite Office is a virtual office space for the WFH crowd

The Logitech K830 can also now be used in a VR environment.


A couple of years ago, Facebook announced Oculus for Business, a software suite for enterprise-grade VR. But today, at Facebook Connect, the company is introducing a new virtual office experience for the work-from-home crowd. It’s called Infinite Office, and it promises to make WFH a lot more immersive.

With Infinite Office, you can put on the headset and be transported to a virtual office space that you can make as big or small as you wish. You can also add multiple customizable screens, which mimics a multiple monitor setup. The company has already begun experiments that incorporates Infinite Office with Spatial, a collaborative AR platform that lets you have virtual meetings. You can see how Spatial works with Passthrough below.

With its Passthrough mode, you’d be able to toggle between a fully immersive experience or one mixed with the real world. Text input has traditionally been a problem with VR, so Facebook has also partnered with Logitech so that its K830 keyboard can now be used in a VR environment.

Facebook said it’ll roll out Infinite Office features as an experimental release for Quest 2 later this winter, and that it hopes to open up technologies like Passthrough to developers. To be clear, Infinite Office will roll out on the consumer Quest 2. There are no plans to support Oculus for Business for now.

Update 9/17/20 1:20PM ET: We’ve clarified details about the keyboard and Infinite Office availability.