You can now split the bill with friends on Facebook Messenger

The new feature is especially useful for group activities and dining out.


Splitting a restaurant bill or dividing the costs of a group trip can be tedious. Meta is attempting to make this easier by rolling out its Split Payments feature to all Facebook Messenger users. The feature, which was previously in testing, will likely be perfect for occasions when you are dividing the cost of something with two or more people. For example, dividing the purchase of a new microwave with your three roommates, the cost of a new birthday gift for grandma with your siblings, or even this weekend’s Super Bowl party.

If you or your friends are new to using Facebook Payments in Messenger, the feature will ask for payment details (either a debit or credit card or Paypal).

Here’s how it works. First, put all the payers in a group chat on Messenger. Then either tap the plus icon on the very bottom of the screen or tap on the name of the group and then tap “Split Payments”. You’ll see a prompt labeled “Get Started”.

From there, you can select whether you want to split payments with everyone in the group or exclude certain people (including yourself). You’ll then be asked to enter the total amount of the bill or the payment. The feature then automatically splits the cost equal between the number of people you selected. If one or more people owe slightly more, you can also manually enter in a different amount.

Meta rolling out a bill-splitting function for Meta is no doubt another way to keep up with payment apps like Venmo, Block (formerly known as Square) and Splitwise. But given that many people already use Messenger for coordinating group activities or relaying communications within a group, a messaging app may have an advantage here.