Facebook's Ray-Ban Stories can now record up to 60 seconds of video

The glasses are now available in more countries.

Facebook Ray-Ban Stories

Facebook's Ray-Ban Stories are available in Spain, Austria and Belgium starting today, and they will also make their way to France on April 14th. In addition to expanding the smart glasses' availability, Facebook has also introduced new and upcoming features for the device, including the ability to record up to 60 seconds of video. That doubles the previous limit of 30 seconds of video, captured using the dual 5-megapixel cameras on the front of the Stories' frame.

We found the glasses' video quality to be surprisingly good and even very stable when we tested it out. A LED lights up to notify people around you that you're recording, but the fact that it's lot easier to start recording videos through the glasses than through a phone has raised privacy concerns from the start. Nevertheless, 60-second recording will roll out with a software update in early April.

To support the smart glasses' expansion, Facebook View will now be available in French, Spanish, Dutch and German. As the Stories' companion app, View gives you a way to edit and enhance your shots, as well as to upload them straight to social media websites. Facebook is also giving the glasses the ability to understand voice commands in French and Italian, allowing you to take photos and videos hands-free. And, yes, the device can now deliver audible notifications, such as "low battery" and "full storage" alerts, in those languages.

Finally, Facebook and Ray-Ban owner Luxottica are unveiling 4 new color and lens combinations for the Stories in early April, bringing the total variations to 28. The smart glasses will be available in their new markets with prices starting at $299/€329.