Facebook is testing a tool to let users claim image rights

It could change how people share images and memes on Instagram, too.

sarote pruksachat via Getty Images

Facebook is testing a new way to let users claim ownership of images and issue takedown requests if they wish, The Verge reports. Today, Facebook revealed Rights Manager for Images, a tool that gives creators the ability to track and moderate where their images appear across Facebook and Instagram. To begin, Facebook is testing the new Rights Manager with select partners.

To use the tool, creators will upload a CSV file of their image and its metadata. They can specify where copyright applies. The manager will monitor where the image shows up, and creators can decide to leave the image up, issue a takedown or block it from certain territories.

Facebook Rights Manager for Images

As The Verge notes, this could have a big impact on Instagram, where accounts often share the same image. Those posts could be vulnerable to takedowns. The changes could also have implications for memes. Facebook will have to decide whether editing a meme can be considered creating a new image.

Facebook hasn’t revealed which partners it’s testing the new rights manager with, and we don’t know yet when it plans to open the new rights manager to more users.