Facebook will give creators more info on how people use their images

This includes details on unauthorized uses.

Nikolas Kokovlis/NurPhoto via Getty Images

Facebook gave creators more control over use of their images in the fall, and now they'll have a better idea of how those images are being used — legitimately or otherwise. The social network is rolling out an Insights tab in Rights Manager that includes stats for matched images, such as how well images are performing (including likes and comments) and the demographics of viewers. However, it will also include "Protection Insights" that reflect how often images are blocked and otherwise restricted. You'll have a better idea of just how often copyright issues lead to takedowns, to put it another way.

Rights Manager was originally launched with a focus on video, and lets owners both earn money on claimed footage as well as link viewers to the owner's Page or original work.

The additions should be helpful if you're an artist or photographer eager to gauge the popularity of your work and ensure that it's shared in ways you approve. At the same time, it might also encourage takedowns that may seem unduly harsh, such as for Instagram users who share the same image or spread photo-based memes. Don't be surprised if the new stats empower more image owners to crack down on abuses, for better or for worse.