'Fall Guys' cross-play features arrive tomorrow

PC and PS4 players can dive into matches and custom lobbies with each other.


Mediatonic is set to release a mid-season Fall Guys patch on May 13th, which will bring some cross-play features to the hit game. Custom lobbies will be open to everyone, so you can host private games between as few as four players. PC and PlayStation 4 players will all be able to join. Players on both platforms can be matched together in regular matches (or shows) as well.

The cross-play functions aren't completely ready, unfortunately. You can't group up with friends across platforms just yet. Still, cross-platform matchmaking and custom lobbies are important steps towards letting everyone play together however they like. Mediatonic recently delayed the Xbox and Nintendo Switch versions of Fall Guys from this summer to make sure it can add cross-play and other features.

The season 4.5 update is called "Dave." Just Dave. It will add two new rounds (or levels): The Slimescraper, a follow-up to Slime Climb, and Button Bashers, where players face off in duels with the best ones advancing. There will be 55 more variants spread to shake things up across 12 stages.

Mediatonic says it has improved latency when you're grabbing objects or mantling up ledges, and you'll be able to see your connection quality with an in-game indicator. There's a new way to report possible cheaters as well as some bug fixes.