‘Fall Guys’ finally adds full cross-play support



Last spring, Mediatonic added partial support for cross-platform play to Fall Guys. At the time, PlayStation and PC players could create custom lobbies to play against one another, and you would see people on other systems when matchmaking. But amidst all that, you could not form cross-platform parties. That’s changing with the game’s latest mid-season update.

Fall Guys now includes full cross-play support. Provided you and your friends have signed up for Epic Accounts and linked them to Fall Guys, you can start inviting one another to form parties. What’s more, you can take part in all available playlists, including Squads, Duos and Main Show, while in a cross-platform group.

As part of today’s update, Mediatonic also detailed Sweet Thieves, a new game mode coming to Fall Guys “in the very near future.” The mode will see your bean cast as either a Thief or Guardian. As the former, you’ll need to steal as many candy pieces as possible, while the latter will see you trying to locate and jail the Thieves. Mediatonic promised to share a trailer detailing the mode “very soon.”