Fallout fans are making a mod that takes the series to post-apocalyptic London

"Whilst the location may have changed, war never changes."


With Bethesda hard at work on Starfield, a new single-player Fallout game is likely years away. But fans of the series have something else they can look forward to in the meantime outside of more Fallout 76 DLC. Just as the curtain was closing on E3 2021, a team of passionate fans released a trailer for Fallout: London, a "DLC-sized mod" of Fallout 4.

An FAQ offers additional details about the project. The mod will take place in 2237, putting it between the events of Fallout and Fallout 2. With an entire ocean between London and the continental US, many elements from the mainline Fallout games won't prominently feature in the mod. For example, the forced evolutionary virus hasn't made its way across the pond. That means you won't face off against enemies like super mutants and deathclaws. "We will have a version of a vault, but it will be entirely different from that of Vault-Tec, except that it is a shelter, beneath the ground," the Fallout: London team adds.

As you might imagine, the change of locale also opens the door for interesting factions to occupy the game world. The mod's website currently lists seven, including one called Camelot that draws inspiration from the Knights of the Round Table. You can see them in the trailer fighting mutants with swords and plate armor. How very British of them.

According to the team, the condensed version of London they've created is about the size of the Commonwealth in Fallout 4 before Bethesda released DLC to make it bigger. Expect to visit post-apocalyptic versions of famous London boroughs like Hackney and Camden as you go about your adventures.

Fallout: London currently doesn't have a release, but if you want to help make the project a reality, the team is accepting applications. In the meantime, the mod team says you'll need the PC version of Fallout 4 and all of the downloadable content Bethesda released for the game to play Fallout: London once it comes out.