How much do you really want to play Far Cry in VR?

Bring your disinfectant to Zero Latency VR venues next year.

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Far Cry VR

Ubisoft is returning to one of its most popular Far Cry games, but probably not in the way fans were expecting. Ahead of its Ubisoft Forward showcase later today, the company detailed Far Cry VR: Dive Into Insanity, a new VR spinoff of Far Cry 3 you’ll be able to play exclusively at Zero Latency, a VR arcade chain that has nine locations across the US.

The game will see the return of everyone’s favorite Far Cry villain, Vaas Montenegro. The premise of the title is that you and up to seven other friends have been marooned by the pirate lord and need to escape the Rook Islands by shooting your way out. According to Zero Latency’s website, each play session of Far Cry VR will take approximately 30 minutes and you’ll be able to walk around freely as you and your friends play through the experience.

Announcing a game during a pandemic people can only play in public might seem like the definition of insanity, but Far Cry VR is coming out in 2021. By then it could be safe to check out the spinoff with your friends.

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How much do you really want to play Far Cry in VR?