Fender's latest Acoustasonic hybrid guitar is almost affordable

The new guitar is aimed at younger musicians.


Fender's acoustic-electric hybrid guitars are technical marvels, but they're pricey for up-and-coming musicians (officially $2,000) and relatively complex. Thankfully, there's a somewhat more accessible option. The instrument brand has unveiled an Acoustasonic Player Telecaster with both a more affordable $1,200 price and a simpler design with a three-way voice selector (versus five on other models) and one blend knob. In theory, this is better-suited to younger, newer musicians who want two guitars in one — at least, if they can justify spending over a grand on new hardware.

The Fishman co-designed pickup helps you switch between acoustic and electric modes, and the N4 pickup promises "noiseless" electric playing. You'll find a total of six voicings you can play either by themselves or merged to create fresh sounds.

The Acoustasonic Player Telecaster is available worldwide in four familiar guitar colors (black, white, butterscotch and a graded "Shadow Burst"). There's still an incentive to splurge on the more expensive guitars if you want more control, but this might make sense if you need that $800 or just want something that saves space and time. This might be the ideal guitar if you need to play electric on stage, but acoustic in your apartment.

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