Final 'FF7 Remake Intergrade' trailer offers a peek at the DLC chapter

There's also a look at a new minigame.

Square Enix

Final Fantasy VII Remake Intergrade is only a few weeks away, and Square Enix has offered one more preview of what's in store ahead of the game landing on PS5 on June 10th. The final trailer includes a peek at the DLC chapter, along with a new minigame.

The Intermission episode focuses on Yuffie Kisaragi and Sonon Kusakabe, who venture into Midgar to steal powerful materia from the Shinra Electric Power Company. They'll take on a giant mech piloted by Scarlet and square off against Nero during their mission. As for the tactical minigame, it's called Fort Condor. It looks like an auto chess spin on the tower defense challenge from the original version of Final Fantasy VII.

According to the trailer, FF7 Remake Intergrade is a PlayStation exclusive for six months, so it won't come to other platforms until at least December 10th. Players who bought the PS4 version will get a free upgrade, but that won't be the case if you claimed the game via PlayStation Plus a couple of months ago. The Intermission DLC is included with the standard version of FF7 Remake Intergrade, but it's a separate purchase if you upgrade from PS4.

Meanwhile, director Tetsuya Nomura said development on the remake's second part is going smoothly, according to Famitsu (via Nibellion). It will have a different atmosphere and pick up right after part one, with Cloud "running in the wilderness."