Fiat's Topolino EV is an Italian twist on the Citroen Ami

It's designed for young people seeking urban mobility.

Image: Alberto Cervetti

Fiat already has its own cute EV in the 500 series, but it has now gone even tinier in its latest urban mobility push. The company unveiled the Topolino, essentially a rebadged version of the Citroen Ami with a redesigned front end, brown cloth retractable roof, open sides and cream leather seats.

The Topolino shares Ami's drivetrain (both Citroen and Fiat are under the Stellantis umbrella) and looks nigh-on identical, apart from the aforementioned tweaks. It has a 5.5kWh battery that delivers a 47 mile range, and it'll hit a top speed of 28MPH. Fiat didn't share any interior images, but the only tech inside an Ami is a charging port and phone holder.

Like the Ami, the Topolino is technically a "quadricycle" and not a car, meaning it can be driven in cities without the need for a driver's license. Fiat said it wants to "make young people fall in love with cars again," while promoting sustainability along with "joy, optimism and fun."

Fiat's wording in the press release suggests that the car will be used to promote its sustainability and mobility aims (the words "sustainable" and "mobility" are used no less than 20 times). "The new Fiat Topolino will play a socially active role in promoting electric mobility in cities and a special role in creating a personal mobility solution for the entire family," Fiat wrote, adding it fits in with "Fiat’s democratic mission of providing urban sustainable mobility solutions which are accessible to everyone."

Stellantis has set a goal for 100 percent of passenger car sales to be BEVs by 2030, and that date is coming down the pike pretty quickly. Like other automakers, it hasn't showed much in terms of urban mobility options apart from a few tiny EVs. There's no word on pricing, but the Ami can be leased for 25 euros per month with a 3,850 euro down payment.