Save $20 on Fitbit's Charge 4 with GPS tracking

The wearable is on sale on Fitbit's website, Amazon and Best Buy.

Valentina Palladino / Engadget

With Father's Day around the corner, Fitbit has discounted the Charge 4. The fitness wearable is currently $129.95, down from its usual $149.95 price. You can also get the Charge 4 for the same price at Amazon and Best Buy. While $20 is a modest discount, this is the first time we've seen the Charge 4 go on sale since it came out earlier in the year.

Buy Charge 4 at Fitbit - $129.95

Buy Charge 4 at Amazon - $129.95

Buy Charge 4 at Best Buy - $130

We gave the Fitbit Charge 4 a score of 82. If you or your dad are rocking an older Fitbit, the Charge 4 is a compelling upgrade for a couple of reasons. To start, it's the first Fitbit fitness tracker since the discontinued Surge with built-in GPS tracking. Previously, unless you bought Fitbit's Ionic smartwatch, you had to bring your phone with you to get outdoor GPS tracking while using one of the company's fitness trackers. Moreover, we found the GPS tracking to be accurate, and we liked the addition of heat maps for heart rate and pace data.

Another notable upgrade is that Fitbit Pay, the company's mobile payments platform, now comes standard on the base model; it's no longer a feature you have to buy the more expensive special edition variant to get. That said, Fitbit has yet to make the perfect fitness wearable. The Charge 4 is missing onboard music storage. So you can't leave behind your phone unless you plan on working out without music, or you own a pair of earbuds with built-in storage. As with every other Fitbit device, you also can't export your activity data to either Apple Health or Google Fit. But at about $130, those compromises aren't as big of a deal.

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