'Fortnite' Chapter 2 will end with a big in-game event on December 4th

Epic Games says 'nothing will ever be the same.'

Epic Games

It seems big changes are coming to Fortnite soon. Chapter 2, which started all the way back in October 2019, will wrap up with a one-time-only in-game event called The End at 4PM ET on December 4th.

"With The Convergence complete, The Cube Queen prepares her endgame for the Island and nothing will ever be the same," Epic Games wrote in a blog post. "Grab your weapons and fight the ultimate destroyer of all reality."

The Chapter 1-closing event was also named The End and it blew up the original island in spectacular fashion. Fortnite was offline for a few days before Chapter 2 started with an entirely new map. Among other updates, Epic also brought in a fresh user interface and new mechanics in Chapter 2. Given that the publisher says players will battle The Cube Queen "in one last stand for the fate of the Island" and that nothing will seemingly be the same, it seems likely more major changes are coming to the battle royale in the near future.

If you have any Bars or Battle Stars, use them before the end of the season, since they won't carry over to Chapter 3. Starting on November 30th, character services and exotic item trades will be discounted in Bargain Bin Week. Fortnite will automatically redeem unused Battle Stars for the earliest available rewards. If you have any remaining quests you want to complete, now might be the time to do that.

Squads of up to 16 players will be able to experience The End together. The event playlist will open at 3:30PM, so it's probably worth joining early to secure a spot. Meanwhile, since Epic is ending the season a day earlier than planned, everyone who logs into Fortnite before it wraps up will receive a 225,000 XP bonus. Those who take part in the event will unlock a special Loading Screen and Wrap too.