'Fortnite' Chapter 2 Season 3 features Aquaman and rideable sharks

There's even Jaws-like music.

Epic Games

After weeks of delays, the new Fortnite season is finally here and it’s very....wet. Continuing the story from the “Doomsday” event earlier this week, Chapter 2 Season 3 drops you on a partially flooded island and wants you to try new things, like battling computer-controlled marauders, hitching a ride on a shark and exploring new areas that have “adapted to the flooded way of life.”

It all sounds a bit random, but for seasoned Fortnite players, not much has changed. The map is mostly the same and hosts many of the same points of interest. It’s just that the water level on the island has risen significantly and obscured some of them. Areas like The Grotto — home to Brutus, henchmen and a powerful mythic weapon — are completely underwater, but Epic notes that it will only be that way for a limited time: “As time goes on and water recedes,” the company says, “even more locations will be uncovered and as the roadways become more open, you’ll discover new ways to get around.”

As you’ll see in the video above, one of the new ways to get around are cars, which are set to join boats and helicopters as the main modes of transport on the island. But that isn’t all. With less actual landmass, whirlpools have been dotted all over the island, allowing players to rotate out of areas using their glider. Oh, and there are “item hungry and dangerous” sharks that will attack you unless you use a fishing rod to hitch a ride.

With every new season there’s a new Battle Pass. Last time around the banner skin was Marvel favorite Deadpool, but this time it’s a (super relevant) DC character: Aquaman. Players can unlock new drifter skins, spacesuits and Kit, a kitten that rides a motorcycle that can turn into a mech suit.

There’s plenty of new items, like shotguns, drum guns and burst weapons, but fan-favorite guns like the Hunting Rifle have returned. Chug Jugs and Chug Splashes are also back, giving players plenty of options when they run up against one of the many enemies dropping into the new map.