‘Fortnite’ will kick off its new season with a unique solo mission

Epic Games describes it as its most 'ambitious story cinematic' yet.

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Epic Games

Fortnite players are accustomed to being thrust into massive season-ending events that bring together hordes of players to witness an epic set piece. But, this time round, developer Epic Games is switching things up. Instead of a multiplayer spectacle, it's launching into its new season with a solo mission that puts you in control of Agent Jones. 

In a blog post, Epic describes the story mode as a reality-altering "explosive" event that concludes Jonesy's mission in the Zero Crisis Finale. You'll be able to play through it when Chapter 2 Season 6 starts on March 16th or watch it online in cinematic form during a global premiere at a later date. 

Fortnite's previous season kicked off in December after a record-breaking finale event that saw Jonesy and a slew of Marvel superheroes teaming up against planet-ravaging villain, Galactus. Season 5 somehow managed to ramp up the movie and gaming tie-ins, with an exhaustive list of playable characters including The Mandalorian and Baby Yoda, the Terminator, Street Fighter's Ryu and Chun-Li and Ripley and the Xenomorph Queen from the Alien film series. To top that, Epic is promising its most "ambitious story cinematic" yet.

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