The latest 'Fortnite' Star Wars characters are Luke, Leia and Han

Lightsabers are back, too.

Epic Games/Lucasfilm

Epic Games' Star Wars collaborations didn't end with Darth Vader. The gaming giant has added Luke, Leia and Han skins to Fortnite as part of "Skywalker Week," complete with appropriate accessories such as Luke's Landspeeder glider and Leia's R2-D2 back bling. Lightsabers are back if you can either open Imperial Chests or defeat Darth Vader, and fans of wildly inaccurate soldiers can pick up Stormtrooper blasters.

All the new Star Wars skins and accessories are available through the Fortnite Item Shop. Skywalker Week also revives the pulse rifle and "Junk Rifts" that can drop the Landspeeder. The event runs until November 8th at 9AM Eastern, and offers special quests to boost your XP.

This certainly isn't the first such team up. Epic held a Fortnite Star Wars event in December 2019 to mark the premiere of The Rise of Skywalker, and introduced both Darth Vader and a young Obi-Wan this spring. It may be one of the more important, though. This is the largest nod yet to the original movie trilogy (i.e. the most beloved trilogy) in the battle royale brawler, and may do more to reel you in if you're uninterested in Marvel heroes and game character crossovers.