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Fortnite's zero-building mode is here to stay

Zero Build closely resembles some of the game's rivals.

Epic Games

Epic isn't wasting time in elevating Fortnite's no-build mode. The developer has launched a "Zero Build" format in the Discover page that, as the name implies, takes the game's signature construction out of the usual last-one-standing gameplay. You'll have to rely on 'just' your weapon and tactical positioning skills to survive. If that sounds like other battle royale games, you're not wrong — Epic has even tweaked the game to add familiar elements.

You now have a recharging shield to protect yourself instead of having to consume pickups. There are also some decidedly Apex Legends-like "Ascender" ziplines to help you reach blimp-based deployment points, and you can mantle over obstacles. Sprints are available if you need a brief burst of speed to avoid gunfire.

Zero Build is available to play in solo, duo, trio and squad playlists. The addition isn't a shock, at least. This not only adds some variety to Fortnite, but might keep you from switching to rivals if you're either frustrated with building or just want the occasional break.