Garmin adds pregnancy tracking to its smartwatches

Boost your fitness and health before the baby arrives.


Garmin is giving its smartwatches more power to track women’s health. The wearable maker has added pregnancy tracking to its smartwatches and activity trackers, offering future mothers both a look at their progress as well as ways to improve their health before the birth. It includes simple features like measuring progress based on the due date (you can even compare the size to fruits and vegetables), but it stands out by adapting to your changing body.

The feature shows how your fitness and performance stats change during pregnancy, and gives you the option of tweaking your heart rate alerts, monitoring your hydration or freezing training altogether. You can set custom reminders for relevant fitness like Kegel exercises, and log (or learn about) 30-plus details and symptoms ranging from baby movement to blood glucose levels. When birth is near, you can use a contraction timer to track labor.

Pregnancy tracking is available for “many” Garmin devices through the Connect IQ store, including the Fenix, Forerunner, Venu and Vivoactive lineups. You activate it through the Garmin Connect app on your phone using the menstrual cycle tracking feature. In many ways, this is an overdue addition — it’s an acknowledgment that your interest in wearable health and fitness tracking doesn’t stop when you’re with child.

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