Garry’s Mod faces deluge of Nintendo-related DMCA takedown notices

It says it will address the requests despite suggestions they didn't come from Nintendo.

Facepunch Studios

Facepunch Studios has announced on Steam that it's removing 20 years' worth of Nintendo-related workshop items for its sandbox game Garry's Mod to comply with the Japanese company's demands. Earlier this year, an X user with the name Brewster T. Koopa posted that a group of trolls was filing false DMCA claims against the game to get Nintendo add-ons removed and to get add-on makers to shut down. The perpetrators allegedly used a fake email to impersonate Nintendo's lawyers to send DMCA takedown notices. Facepunch Studios said in its new announcement, that it believes the demands legitimately came from Nintendo and that it has to respect the company's decision and start taking down items related to its IPs.

"This is an ongoing process, as we have 20 years of uploads to go through," the developer wrote. "If you want to help us by deleting your Nintendo related uploads and never uploading them again, that would help us a lot."

Koopa said in a follow-up tweet that they sent an email to the company to let it know that the demands aren't actually from Nintendo. They previously argued that the takedown notices couldn't be from the Japanese gaming giant, because Nintendo add-ons have been around since 2005 and because the company would've contacted Valve, the publisher of Garry's Mod, itself.

While the announcement is still up, Facepunch founder Garry Newman announced that his team has received people's emails and DMs and that the developer is conducting an investigation. "We need to take these things seriously (particularly from Nintendo), but we also can't let people misuse DMCA takedowns," Newman wrote. We've reached out to Nintendo to ask whether the takedowns Facepunch received truly came from the company, and we'll update this post once they respond.

Update, April 25 2024, 11:x04AM ET: Newman has since taken to X to state that he has "been assured that the takedowns have been verified by Nintendo as legit" and the takedowns "will now continue as planned."