You'll soon be able to pet dogs in 'Ghost of Tsushima'

Another reason to try New Game+ on October 16th.

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Petting dogs in the Ghosts of Tsushima video game
Sucker Punch Productions

It's happening. Developer Sucker Punch Productions has confirmed that you'll soon be able to pet dogs in Ghost of Tsushima. The PlayStation 4 exclusive is already one of the best games released this year, combining a well-written samurai story with a gorgeous open world. But on October 16th, the period piece will be made even better with a highly anticipated New Game+ mode. If you're playing the story for a second time, it'll be possible to pick up and equip a Charm of Canine Recruitment that lets you "pet dogs and turn them into allies," according to a tweet by Sucker Punch.

The New Game+ update will be complimented with an all-new co-operative mode called Legends, which lets you fight through a mixture of story, survival and raid-style missions. There are four classes to consider, including a Ronin that can summon and pet a spirit dog. Whoever runs the @CanYouPetTheDog Twitter account should be very pleased indeed.

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