You'll soon be able to pet dogs in 'Ghost of Tsushima'

Another reason to try New Game+ on October 16th.

Sucker Punch Productions

It's happening. Developer Sucker Punch Productions has confirmed that you'll soon be able to pet dogs in Ghost of Tsushima. The PlayStation 4 exclusive is already one of the best games released this year, combining a well-written samurai story with a gorgeous open world. But on October 16th, the period piece will be made even better with a highly anticipated New Game+ mode. If you're playing the story for a second time, it'll be possible to pick up and equip a Charm of Canine Recruitment that lets you "pet dogs and turn them into allies," according to a tweet by Sucker Punch.

The New Game+ update will be complimented with an all-new co-operative mode called Legends, which lets you fight through a mixture of story, survival and raid-style missions. There are four classes to consider, including a Ronin that can summon and pet a spirit dog. Whoever runs the @CanYouPetTheDog Twitter account should be very pleased indeed.