GM halts sales of its new Chevy Blazer EV amid reports of major software issues

Drivers have encountered problems with the infotainment system and during charging.


GM has issued a stop-sale order for the Chevy Blazer EV just weeks after its release following reports of software problems that made the vehicle undrivable. Edmunds, which received confirmation on Friday night that the company is halting deliveries, previously documented 23 issues during tests of the SUV, including the infotainment system repeatedly crashing and displaying a multitude of error messages. Inside EVs writer Kevin Williams also tested the Blazer EV and not only encountered similar problems with the display, but was left stranded after the car broke down while charging.

In a statement to Edmunds, Chevrolet said, “We are aware that a limited number of Blazer EV owners have experienced some software quality issues. To ensure our customers have a great experience with their vehicle, we are temporarily pausing sales of Blazer EVs.” All new deliveries are on pause, VP Scott Bell said.

The Chevrolet Blazer EV is powered by GM’s Ultium battery system, which is being used in a slew of other vehicles including the GMC Hummer EV and the Cadillac Lyriq. Those, too, have been the subject of plenty of complaints, as Inside EVs reported. A spokesperson for GM told TechCrunch the Blazer’s problems are “not safety related nor related to Ultium or Google Built-In.”

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