GM is shutting down its in-car shopping app

Although Marketplace was in millions of vehicles, it didn't take off as the automaker hoped.

John F. Martin for Chevrolet

GM has told its customers it's shutting down the Marketplace app, which allowed drivers to pay for goods and services through the infotainment system. The app, which arrived in 2017, let them buy things like gas and coffee and make hotel and restaurant reservations via the dashboard. The company will wind down Marketplace starting in March.

“We routinely evaluate our services to ensure they provide the best experience for our members," GM told owners in an email. "In this spirit, we have decided to discontinue our Marketplace services."

The automaker brought the app to millions of its vehicles in the US, but it seems drivers didn't really take to it. According to CNBC, an engineer said that after the feature launched, the active user rates were in the "thousands."

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